Warren Wilson College Shafer Dorm Fire

Beacon Mill Fire

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Over 1 million square plus industrial fire, 367 firefighters, 7 ladders, 24 Engines involved

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Hurricane Frances Flooding

The Beacon manufacturing plant was a major factor in growth in the community as well as roots for the fire department. The charter for the department is dated 1959, although fire protection efforts began some time before that. It will take a while, and with efforts from citizens who have the knowledge, to set forth the time line and history before the charter and the 10-20 years afterwards.
Before the charter, we were essentially the "Beacon Fire Department", a company Fire Brigade that protected the plant and the surrounding homes that were built for employees. We are working on some maps to help show the location of the department in the plant and where it has moved.

If you have information regarding our history, photos or video of incidents, please contact us.

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