.pdf map to the training center




Are you interested in reserving the facility?
While the priority of the facility is for training of emergency personnel, we also allow some reservations to be made for our citizens for special events.
Reservations for citizen use is limited to Swannanoa residents and groups.
 Citizen reservations may be cancelled at any time for emergency use of the facility.
We strongly welcome and encourage emergency service agencies to train at the facility. These events may bring more training oppurtunity for our personnel or we will be happy to help accomodate your training programs.

The Training Center is located at 510 Bee Tree Rd.

What you must do to reserve the facility
1. You must be a resident of the Swannanoa Fire District
The person reserving and who the event is primarily for.
2. Check the Calendar to see if an event already occupies the time frame and resources you need.
3. Fill out the initial information contact & user agreement form.
4. Wait for a contact back from the Chief or Deputy Chief.

Fire departments and other emergency service type agencies generally will not have to fill out the user agreement but will be required to follow guidelines for live fire operations or other requirements for training props.