Swannanoa Fire & Rescue is a "Combination Department" with both paid Firefighters and Volunteers. Each day 6-8 Firefighters are on duty to provide immediate response to emergencies from both stations. Volunteers are encouraged to respond with the full time firefighters for additional help and are an extremely valuable resource when scenes get larger or we have multiple calls at one time. Without volunteer firefighters, we would not be able to adequately protect our community during these critical times.
     Volunteers can help in many ways. When not operating at emergencies, we are always busy planning, servicing equipment, training and finding anyway that we can improve our service. You may have a special skill we can use!
     Volunteer firefighters receive the same training as the full time personnel. We provide your training, firefighting equipment and uniforms at NO COST TO YOU! Volunteers receive five dollars per call as a nominal reimbursement for the costs of volunteering (helps cover your gas for responses).
     Serving as a Firefighter is a stressful & dangerous job and most people would never consider to volunteer for it but the rewards are immense. You will be a person that is part of saving someone else's life and their property and you have an oppurtunity to make a difference. There is excitement, adventure and challenges for everyone. Stop by and visit us for more information.

Issues for applying?
Minimum 18 years of age
Have reliable transportation & a valid Driver's License
Must be a U.S. Citizen
Must have a high school diploma or GED
Thorough criminal background check is conducted.
Any felony convictions are an automatic rejection.
Pick up application at the Swannanoa Fire Department, fill it out
along with a background release form and return M-F, 8-4.

Ever drive by a vehicle accident..... have a family member, neighbor or co-worker injured.... had a friend's house catch fire.... heard about a lost child .... see a large forest fire on the news and
wish you could do something to help?


Release form

friend Noun
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2. an ally in a fight or cause
3. a patron or supporter:
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