Mark McMeans
Serving on Board 
from 1998 to present

Mark Norton
Serving on Board in 1988 & from 1994 to present

Mike Cooke
Serving on Board 
from 1988 to present

Ron Hillabrand
Serving on Board 
from 1996 to present

Jeff Buice
Serving on Board 
from 2000 to present

From financial planning, adherence to laws and regulations, personnel issues and much more, the Board Members dedicate alot of time to help the place run smoothly. They meet on the second Tuesday of every month and during certain time periods, may have their schedule full with various committee meetings.
All Board members pay the Fire Tax in the Swannanoa District giving each a reason to help sound management of their tax money.

Charles Graves
Serving on Board
in 1997 & from 
2003 to present

David Knighton
Serving on Board 
from 1990 to present

Stephen Sheldon
Serving on Board 
from 2006 to present

Although our citizens see and thank Firefighters for fighting fires, working Emergency Medical calls, vehicle accidents and other emergencies, please remember to thank the group that helps makes it possible.

Jane Hansel
Serving on Board 
from 2011 to present